Our Products

Ex. Proof LED Light

Rubber Cable

Junction Boxes – Enclosures & Cabinets – Ex. Proof Junction Box

Industrial Multi Plug & Socket

Cables – Vast Range & Types

Cable Installation Items

Light Fittings – Safe & Hazardous Area

Navigation & Searchlight

Wiring Accessories

Safety Warning Lights & Devices

Industrial Automation & Controls

Premise Wiring / Structured Cabling

Fire Proof Cable Passing System

Measuring & Testing Equipment

Quality Assurance

  • Every Product is Manufactured in Accordance with IEC Specifications.
  • Every Ex Rated Product is Certified by IECEX & or ATEX.
  • Every Product is Approved by One or More Class Approval Agencies.
  • Every Product is Warranteed for its assured Service Life.
  • Every Product is Assured for its Tracebility & Relevant Documentation.
  • Our approach is flexible but Our Commitment to Safety and TQCS ( Total Quality For Customer Satisfaction ) is inflexible.
  • Quality Assurance must appear on top of every product when the user is looking/ Searching for any product.